This is what happens when white guys listen to Indian music

holy shit

whenever I’m feeling sad I just watch this video.

I was not expecting that level of choreography or that they would actually know the words.  This is awesome.

Swedish House Mafia - Best Writing Assignment Ever

 One of my recent prompts for a college writing course was to write a eulogy or something of that nature for a person/group that saved you in some way. I chose our beloved SHM. Enjoy!

                                               June 2012:

                     Swedish House Mafia Announces Break Up

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”

-Bob Marley

            Today is a day of remembrance. Remembrance of a certain group that mended wounded souls around the globe, brought people together, and changed the music world entirely. The Swedish House Mafia, having given us the gift of their uplifting melodies in recent years, has decided to disband. Festival stages and disc jockey booths worldwide dim their lights in respect to the three men that did more for us as a people than we could have ever asked for.

            But how? But Why? Whatever for? We ask ourselves these questions in a time of panic. We are left broken hearted with our heads in our hands. Our heroes are leaving us. How can we go on to live without them? Well, to understand it we must remove ourselves from the moment and reflect. We must examine how far we have been lead by their creations.

We buy our tickets.

      We stand in line.

                  We want to forget.

Ticket booth thresholds like marathon finish lines.

      We’re tired of life.

                  We wait to forget.

Shoulder to shoulder with strangers; our spirits rise.

      Lights lift, the very strings of our hearts

                  We start to forget.

Bass booms through crowds; matching the pulse.

      Throwing pain at our feet, we dance on it.

                  We forget.

There is an unspoken peace with the world and one another.

      Afflictions evaporate, we love again.

                  We forgive and forget.

We emerge on the other side of night; better people.

      Freed from our demons; we are cleansed.

                  We live.

            This music has saved so many. The Swedish House Mafia has pulled many hearts from dark places and restored their joy. This is what we, as a people, must remember. They may never rekindle the spark that set fire to such a euphoric musical boom, but we will always have our hearts. We will always have the faith they restored to look upon in times of sadness or fear.


We came. We Raved. We loved.

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